Dokter De Meersmanstraat 19.
1070 Anderlecht, Brussels

VROOM is a space that brings the audience and artists together around experimental comics and contemporary drawing. With exhibitions, workshops, residencies, and events, we want to explore the zone between comics and visual arts. VROOM consists of a young multidisciplinary team of comic authors, visual artists, and cultural organizers.

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Accessibility Information:
Train, Tram, Bus: Brussels Midi station – 700m
Metro: Lines 2 and 6, Clemenceau – 400m

The entrance to VROOM is on street level with a sliding door that can open up to 4 meters wide. 
The toilet is downstairs through a narrow stairway, so it does not meet the accessibility standards. 

Bikes: limited parking spots for bikes inside.

Parking Delacroix – 850m
Zuidstation 2 - Indigo – 1000m
Parkingzone: Dark-yellow zone. 
Free parking after 6pm.

I am Rik, I work as a program planner and I love comics and art. In VROOM I want to support artists, by creating a space and a framework for their projects and stories.
Hello! My name is Gabri, one of the members at VROOM. My favorite activities in the space are vacuuming the floor and standing awkwardly behind the bar. I also make comics, but that's for another day. 
I'm Maya, an artist who mainly makes drawings and artist's books. Like many artists I mostly spend my days working alone, so what I love most about VROOM is the way we help building and strengthening the community around a quite specific type of work.
I’m Enid. I like croque monsieurs, graphic design, and a variety of funny objects and comics. I’m very eager to meet new people, please show respect by shaking my hand when we meet at VROOM. Thanks in advance.
I’m Emese. I have a passion for drawing pictures and reading books. At VROOM you can find me behind the green curtains taking naps, making spreadsheets, and lifting heavy bricks. 

Our volunteers:
Dylan Belgrado, Romane, Poorva Goel, Jonas Callebert, Federico, Nousjka Daniëls, Rosemarijn Bolraap, Francesca, Hans, Laura, De Wolf, Carmen Pazos, Lasse Wandschneider, Mieke (Mik) Schelstraete, Matilde Gazeau Frade, Yoko Theeuw, S, Natalie Van Puymbroek, Lotte Thierens, Charlotte Boddaert, Cyril Beerten, Elias Driesen, Ire, Joram De Cocker, Szymon Eda, Jules, Leon Jespers, Mathilde, Yasmin Bernart, Laurie Giraud, Filipa, Andrea Santamaría García, Robin, Louis, Lias, Mathilde Oudi, T, Diana Monova

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