Unpacking My Library with Zena Van Den Block

Zena Van den Block is an Antwerp based artist who mainly works with images from popular culture, around recurring habits and starting from a passion for collecting and an urge for patterns. She searches for translations of discovered patterns in behavior or use of materials and communication by creating context or reversing it. This is often done through play and chance. Publications and multiples are a recurring form of work given the flexibility and divisibility of the medium.For this interactive lecture, Van den Block dove into her personal archive and presented her publications as well as artists' books from Erik Kessels, Daniël Dewaele, Jef Geys, Rien Schellemans, Maya Strobbe, Jim Shaw, Elliott Erwitt, Matthias Huber, Wim Gijzen, Caterina Gromis, Hans Eijkelboom, Bruno Munari, Tim Bruggeman, David Horvitz, Umberto Bertozzi, Gerard Herman, Bram Van Meervelde,Vaast Colson, Aleksandra Mir, Mats Wosky, Bram Van Meervelde and Jan Dibbets.

Pictures by Ernest Thiesmeier.