Poster by Maya Strobbe

From Here To There II
José Quintanar
Maya Strobbe (RAMSDAM BOOKS)
De Carré, LUCA School Of Arts Ghent

From Here To There is an engaging seminar that delves into the world of artists' books, exploring their storytelling potential and the unique relationship they establish with the exhibition space. In this seminar, we shift our focus to the concept of space, contemplating intriguing questions such as the spatial presence of a comic book on a bookshelf or within a gallery. Can a graphic novel coexist spatially with other art forms like performance or installation?

We will explore all those questions with the books of Maya Strobbe and José Quintanar, which expand their field of action, books, into De Carré. These same two artists will give a lecture about their work in the afternoon. We will close the day looking at graphic narrative an art books from “the other side”, with the performance of Senne Vandenschelde and Jef Van Der Brught called Two Peasants Looking Up

This project is a collaboration between LUCA School of Arts and Vroom Space

Pictures by Koen Cant.