Roots ‘F Roof
François De Jonge

The plants and flowers presented in Roots ‘F Roof are the result of several years' research on an island that has no name because it has not been colonized. The idea behind this monstrous herbarium was to leave room for the living, to take full control of an environment where humanity has no place. To highlight the attributes of each species, living in a fertile environment in total autonomy.

Francois De Jonge is an author and publisher. He published various journals such as Lapin à l’association, Tranchée Racine at UDA, as well as Lagon revue. He created Super-Structure in 2012, a constructive review that he co-directed since 2014 with Sukrii Kural. It will last 12 years! In the middle of all this, and in close coexistence, he creates furniture and teaches construction at the Erg (School of Graphic Research) in Brussels. Since 2019, the Roots project company has been seeding until it produced the book “Roots ’F Roof”.

The vernissage was accompanied by the tunes of Minifer, a musical project led by Mehdi Hercberg. The expo finished with another concert by Feelz Like Home, a project by Solène Rigaut and Corentin Deudé.